Poker Tracker ICM Quiz and ICM Calculator

Independent Chip Model (ICM)


Poker Tracker 4 has several tools for work with ICM, such as “ICM Quiz” and “ICM Calculator”. Let’s consider them separately.

“ICM Quiz” is designed to train playing skills to Independent Chip Model. You can find “ICM Quiz” in “Tools” in main menu, and choose “ICM” and “Quiz”, like on the picture below.


In the opened window you can set up the varied parameters of the game situations, which you want to train.


In “Tournament Structure” you can choose structure of tournament. There are several templates with tournament prizes structure, such as “10 player SNG 50%/30%/20%”, “10 players DON”, “2 Player 100%” and others.


Also you can create your own prizes structure by pressing relevant button.


In the opened window you can edit and remove the existing tournaments types, and you can create your own tournament type. To do so you have to specify “Tourney Info” и “Prize Pool” in “Info” tabs.


On “Desc” tab you can indicate additional structure parameters, such as “Seats per Table”. Here you can choose “Full”, “6max” and “HU” tables. In “Total Tables” you can choose “MTT”, “SNG” or… In “Blind Speed” you can set up tournament table speed. Also, you can mark flags for tournaments, such as “SNG”, “DON”, “REBUY”, “STATELLITE”, “DEEP” and etc.


After all settings press “OK”.

Let’s return to “Quez Parameters”. Here you can set up “Number of Hands” for you training “Position” which you want to train, “Preferred Seating” (не очень понятен смысл). In “Hero’s Range” you can set up range, which you want to train. For example, “AA” or “72”, it’s pretty easy decision in any position. You can remove it from range.icm_tool_quiz_parameters_range

Also, you can indicate Minimum and Maximum Players at the table and “Blind Structure”.

You can also choose the type of opponent, which depend on the opponent range. With it opponent will close your “Open Push”. You can choose “Average”, “Loose”, “Tight” and etc. Click “advanced” to combine several kinds of opponent in one type.


After all settings press “OK” and in each Replayer window choose “Push” or “Fold” answer, or press “Quit” for premature quit.


After answer on all questions you will see the following window with the results.


In this window you can see what was necessary to do in every situation and consideration of your variant with Independent Chip Model.  Here you can make double-click to review hand.



ICM Calculator

This section will be helpful to calculate the value of the stack according to Independent Chip Model. You can find “ICM Calculator” in “Tools” in main menu, and choose “ICM” and “Calculator”, like on the picture below.


Here you can calculate Prizes in Pool% and in the Money.


For calculation in $ you need to enter “Buy-In”, “Fee” and “Bounty”. Also, you can save or import “Player/Chips/Results” in .xml foramt. After entering parameters in “Info” and “Desc” tabs, press “Calculate” and you will see the following result (like on the picture).

icm_tool_calculator_3 icm_tool_calculator_4

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