PokerTracker Aliases

Aliases are one of the very useful functions in Poker Tracker 4. They are used for grouping your statistics for all your poker-room accounts in one Alias name. It is very conveniently if you play in several poker-rooms at the same time.

Lets create own Alias, for this press “View Stats” tab and in text field enter you screen name, if this field is empty.

Then press button like it is on the picture.


Now you have to choose other your poker-room accounts which you want to add.

In the popup window you can see the list of screen names attached to you first screen name, currently. If you recently installed Poker Tracker 4, this list must be empty. Press “Add” to create new Alias.


In the popup window enter your screen name, which you want to add, select it in the list below and press “OK”


You must see the warning window with information about long time you’ll need if your database is large.

Wait. After this, the screen name of your second account is appeared in the list, like on the picture.


You can add more accounts if you have them. Also in this window you can remove all old screen names, if they are not needed. Press “Close”.

As can you see, the icon changed its image; it shows a few names under this name now.


Now you can make the fast switch between your Aliases and easy analyze your game.

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