Tournament Section

Tournament Section

“View Stats” tab also is used for the analysis of the tournaments games, which we have previously considered. If you have not read this part, read it, because everything is very similar. Instead of “$” tab we have to use “T” tab.


Let’s look at the differences between Cash and Tournaments games.

On the left side there are new filtering capabilities, such as “Tournament Type” where you can choose “Single Table (STT)”, “Multi Table(MTT)” or all tournaments. You can choose “Flags”: “SnG”, “DON”, “Bounty”, “Shootout”, “Rebuy”, “Fifty50” and others.

Also you can set tournament “Speed” and “Buy-In”. Also, you can edit tournaments results by the help of “Edit Tournaments Results” button.


In the popup window you can choose tournament and edit it. For example, you can change “Buy-in+Fee”, “Rebuys” time or the place where you finished in tournament, if there is some mistake in the Hand History.

You can apply the additional filters for fast tournament search. For this press “Filters” button. After all changes press “Save” button.


Let’s select the report “Overview” and consider it. Also, I put “Single Table (STT)”. In the right part of the screen “Tournament”, “Places” and “Hands” tabs are available.


“Tournament” tab is useful to tack “ROI %”, “ITM %”, and “My C Net Won ($)”. This is a very important for the tournament players of all tournament types. “Places” tab is comfortable for “SnG” players, you can see the distribution of prizes. In “MTT” it’s not so important, because it’s very small data retrieval of samples.


Tab “Statistics” differs from “Result” by the absence of the “Edit Tournament Results” in the left part of the screen.



“My Reports” Tab is designed for creating own filters, but it is beyond the scope of our review.


Tab “Graphs” is designed for even more graph settings.



Poker Tracker 4 is a powerful tool for analyze hand history. He concedes presentable Holdem Manager 2 reports. But at the same time wins in custom stats configuration.

Study theory, experiment and grow!

Good luck at the tables!

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