PT Filters


Filters are one of the most often used features of Poker Tracker 4. With filters you can analyze your hands database. For setup filters go to “View Stats” tab and press “More Filters” button.


All functions are available in the popup window.

Let’s go through the example of making ourselves filter.

Section “Game Details” is designed for setting Date range, Game & Bet Types, Currencies, Sites, Stakes and Cash Game Blinds & Antes.


For our example I chose data “This Year”. For this you need to go to “Dates” and to click “This Year”. Then press “Add to Filter”, if you don’t do this all our changes will be lost. Then the next window will appear.


In this window you can see the list with all added filters with which you can perform various manipulations. Let us examine them later. To continue, press “Add Filter”.

“Hand Details”. This section is designed for setting various parameters.


For example, let’s consider a situation where we are on BTN position and we call against opponent. For this choose “Player Position – Preflop”, click on “Exactly” and input “0”. “0” means “Button” position in Poker Tracker 4, “1” means “Cut Off”, “2” means “Middle Position” and etc.

“Session Details” is designed for setting “Amount Won”/ “Lost for Table Session”, “Table Session Duration”. We will not choose anything in this section for our example.


“Hand Values” Section is intended to create the filter using hand values.


Here you can configure hand card for our filter. Were Flush Draws or Straight Draws on board or not, and etc.? For our example, consider how we played when we had two over cards. This is very unique situation, but very profitable.

The section “Board Texture” is designed for setting “Board Structure”


Here you can set up how the board was looking on Flop, Turn and River. You can chose when the board was paired or not, and more others. For our example, let’s choose the situation when there was “9” on the board like the highest card. For this in “Board Cards” we choose “Flop”, set up “ON” for “Middle Cards” and “Wheel Cards” and make checked for each “Two or more”. Also, in our filter, besides “2”, “3”, “4”, “5” cards form “Wheel Cards”, hits “Ace”, which isn’t need for us. Let’s remove “Ace”. For this we’ll create one more filter. For this let’s go to “Board Cards”, choose “Flop” and in section “Flop Contains At Leas One” make click on “A”. Press “Add to Filter”. The following window will appear.


There are Aces on the flop in our filter. To remove them, make click on our last filter, and press “NOT Selected”. Then press “Add Filter”. Ready.


“Actions and Opportunities”. This section is intended for setting the actions that have been done.


Also, for our example, I add  from “Actions and Opportunities – Preflop” “Saw Flop”.

After all of our options, we get the following window.


There are available the advanced settings. “NOT Selected” we have already discussed. If you make multiple select of several elements, “AND Selected” and “OR Selected” become available. They set logic for our elements. But, for our example, we don’t use it.

To save our filter press “Save as Quick Filter” in the left part of the screen.


In the popup window you can create a new “Quick Filter” or rewrite one of the old filters. Chose a name what you like and press “OK”

To apply our filter press “Save & Apply Filters” in the top right part of the screen.


Now our filter works and its results are available in “View Stats” tab. Our filter became available in the dropdown menu. Also, the block with description of our filter is available under this menu.


To clear all the filters press “Clear Filters”.

By the help of “Quick filters” you can set up all situations, analyze them and improve you own game.

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