PokerTracker “Play Poker” tab

This tab is designed for setting Poker Tracker 4 for different poker-rooms. Also here you can set up hands import.
PokerTracker v4.14.8 - Database_ PokerTracker 4 Database 2016-01-06 14.54.29
In the left side of the screen you can make settings for each poker-room or poker network, such as 888 Poker, Full Tilt Poker, GTECH G2 (Boss network), iPoker Network, Merge Network, MicroGaming (MPN), OnGame Network, PartyPoker, PokerStars, Revolution Gaming Network, Winamax, Winning Poker Network (Yatahay). To go to the settings you have to double click on the chosen poker-room or select poker-room and click “Configure” button. “Launch” button opens poker-room client.

For example, I choose PokerStars.

In the opened window you can check off “Get Hands From Site While Playing” and “Hide Site From Lists” if you want. Below, you can set up folders for import hands, Poker Tracker will follow them. Here you can add, remove or auto detect folders, if you have correctly installed PokerStars client.
Below, you can tune “Preffered Setting” for each type of the table. You can mark “Auto-center” parameter for seating. Also you can use “Memory Grabber” and “Zoom HUD” or not.
For other poker-rooms the settings may differ slightly.

play_poker_site_configuration_partypoker play_poker_site_configuration_fulltiltpoker
In other tabs of this window you can set up the following things.
“Preferences” tab is designed for setting folders where “Processed Files” will be sending. Also, you can choose to split files into folders or do not by “Separate by Site”, “Separate by Date”.


Also, you can indicate to import observer hands or not.

In “Databases” section you can indicate with what databases Poker Tracker 4 must work. Also, you have to specify “Auto Import” and “All-In Equity Precision” display affected on import speed.
“Tournaments” tab.

In this tab settings are divided into several pieces. “Tournament Detection Settings” allow tuning “Update Finish and Amount Won”, “Update Table Type”, “Protect filled Table Type” for your imported hands. “Refund Buyin and Fee” and “ICM award remaining players” are designed for unknown finishes. In “All-in Net Adjusted” you can set up or not “Calculate for all players”, “Active player decisions only” and “MTT final tables”. Also you can set up defaults for unknown tournament types. Here you can choose table format, table speed and rebuy period. Also you can configure “Summary Import”
“Accounts Configuration” tab.

On this tab you can set up import of hands from your e-mail. Use the “Test” button for check if everything is working properly.
Let’s return to “Play Poker” tab.
In the right side of the window you can import hands. For this press “Get Hands While Playing” or “Get Hands from Disk” and select the desired folder. Or you can press “Get Hands from Email”, if you have set this method.
Below, you can check off between tabs. View Today’s Hands” designed for comfortable view today’s hands. “Hands Summary”, “My Hands”, “$” and “T” tabs allow you to filter these hands. “View Active Tables” allow you to see each table you are currently playing on.

“View Imports Status” allows to import reports. It will be empty if you import nothing after start Poker Tracker 4.

PokerTracker v4.14.8 - Database_ PokerTracker 4 Database 2016-01-06 15.26.30
If import took place, “Status” and “Errors” tabs appear. In these tabs you can review each action in details.

PokerTracker v4.14.8 - Database_ PokerTracker 4 Database 2016-01-06 15.30.40 PokerTracker v4.14.8 - Database_ PokerTracker 4 Database 2016-01-06 15.30.49

In the left side of the screen you can find the additional information about importation, such as number of imported hands, “Speed”, “Elapsed” and “Remaining” time, and others.

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